How can I integrate a Wooclap activity into a PowerPoint?

To add a Wooclap activity to a PowerPoint presentation you need to:

  1. Open the PowerPoint in which you want to add the activity and select the desired slide;
  2. In the top menu bar, select “Insert” and then “My Add-ins” and search for Wooclap:

    It’s likely that you’ll first need to download the Wooclap add-in. In this case, when you click on “My Add-ins” you will see a window in which you’ll have to select “Office Store”:

    then look for Wooclap and download it by selecting “Add”:
  3. By clicking on the Wooclap add-in, you will see a window like this:

    Click on “Start”, select “Sign in with Microsoft” and insert your USI credentials:

    You can now choose the event and question you want to add. Please, note that the event and the question must have already been created in Wooclap:
  4. Once you’ve added your question, this will be displayed in the slide:

    By clicking on the “i” on the bottom-right, you’ll be able to see the QR code and the link that will allow your students to access the activity and give an answer:

    If you click on the “i” again, you’ll get back to the previous screen.