How can I import a whole Hot Potatoes quiz on iCorsi3?

To import the questions created with Hot Potatoes into iCorsi3, there are two methods. The first one, which is explained in this FAQ, is to import the whole quiz within a single course, while the second one is to import the questions into the Question bank of the platform (see this other FAQ: Can I import the single questions created with Hot Potatoes into iCorsi3?).

To import a whole quiz into a single course, click on Turn editing on, then click on Add an activity or resource and choose Quiz Hot Potatoes (HotPot) among the available activities. Upload the quiz file previously created with HotPot using the drag&drop or by clicking on Add. If you want, you can also set other options, i.e. the display options, the feedback, the restrict access, etc.

(last update: 22.09.2021)