How can I post a message in a forum?

Some courses contain spaces for online discussions (forums).

To start a new discussion:

  • Click on the button Add a new discussion topic.
  • Write your message; you can also add an attachment (if you have more files, create a ZIP archive and use it as attachment).
  • When you have posted the message, a notice will appear and inform you that you have 15 minutes to edit your message; after 15 minutes the message will be sent via e-mail.

To read the messages of other participants, click on their title in the first page of the forum.

To answer to the messages of other participants, enter the discussion, then click on the button Reply, on the right bottom.

If in a forum there are many topics, you can decide to pin the most relevant ones, so they will appear on the top of your page.

(last update: 29.08.2018)