How to check the settings of the Quiz?

The teacher can check the Quiz settings by clicking on Edit, then on Edit settings in the Quiz menu (please, note that in order to do this operation, you must be in the editing mode).

A) Type the name of the quiz (1) and the description (2) in the corresponding boxes (by changing those inserted by eLab, if necessary). Click on Display description on course page (3), if you wish to make the description of the quiz visible in the homepage of the course.

B) Check that the day and the duration of the quiz (1 = opening of the quiz; 2= closing of the quiz) are correct (in case they are not, change them).

By enabling the option Time limit (3), the student will be able to see a stopwatch during the exam, indicating how much time he\she has left to complete the exam.

C) In the section Grade, make sure that only one attempt is allowed.

D) In the section Layout, click on Show more…

Then, in the section Navigation method you can choose between two options:

  • Sequential (recommended option): by choosing this option, the students won’t be able to navigate through the exam questions as they wish. This means that they will always have to answer the question that appears on their screen, without having the possibility to go back through the questions (and change those that they have already answered), nor forward;
  • Free: the students will be able to navigate freely through the exam questions. This means that they will be able to read again the questions they have already answered and explore the questions they still have to answer.

E) In the section Review options make sure that there are NO boxes checked. In this way, the students will not be able to see the solutions after they have submitted the quiz.

Once you have edited all the settings, click on Save and display at the bottom of the page.


It is strongly recommended to try to do the quiz personally (or ask other colleagues) before the exam. This will allow to check if all the settings are correct.


(last update: 07.06.2023)