Is it possible to convey my lesson live with Panopto?

Yes, with Panopto is also possible to convey your lesson live with a webcast live.

Note: between the recording and the viewing there will be a delay of c.a 30 seconds. This can cause little problems in case of chat questions.

To start a Webcast live you have to choose the folder by clicking on Browse in the left menu, then on USI, on the name of the faculty and on the folder with the name of the course for which you want to make the video.

To start a Webcast you have to click on “Create”, that is located at the top of the page, then on “Webcast”.

You have to fill in the form that appears by naming the session and selecting the folder.

After having clicked on “Create”, in the “Overview” page the information about the new session will be displayed. The “Viewer Link” is the transmission URL that is created beforehand and must be sent to the potential viewers. This link will actually be active only when you will start recording the session. For the time being, participants will be sent to a “waiting room” before they can follow the Webcast.


(Last update: 24.08.2021)