Can students self-enroll in the course team in Teams?

Yes, they can do so using a code that the teacher must share with them.

To create the code for the self-enrolment of students, click on “Teams” (1) in the left column, then on the three dots of the team you want the students to enrol in, then on “Manage team” (2):

Click on “Settings” (1), then on “Team code” (2), copy the code and share it with students (3) (e.g., in a forum in iCorsi).

Once logged in to their Microsoft Teams account, students will have to click on “Teams”, then on “Join or create team” on the top right.
To enrol in the team, students will have to enter the code here in the corresponding field in the box “Join a team with a code”:

(last update: 15.09.2021)