Some of my students are no longer enrolled in my course, why?

There may be two different reasons:

  1. Students have voluntarily chosen to unenrol from the course clicking on Unenrol me from Course XY: in this case you should either ask them to enrol again, or you can do it through the manual enrolment.
  2. Students have been automatically unenrolled by the platform. As a mater of fact, users who have not been doing any activity in the course for more than 180 days, are automatically unenrolled from the course. The teacher can reset the maximum of the days or disable this functionality. To do this, you have to click on Users in the Course Administration Menu, then on Enrolment Methods and Self-Enrolment: in the Unenrol inactive after box, select the number of  days or select Never.

(last update: 25.06.2018)