How to share a video? (for students)

To share videos with their teachers, students can upload them on their OneDrive account and share the link (e.g., through iCorsi).

To access OneDrive, go to:

  • USI students:, then select “Usi Cloud” and log in with your USI credentials (Windows/email credentials)
  • SUPSI students: and log in with your SUPSI credentials (Windows credentials)

Open OneDrive and drag with your mouse the video into the destination area; the video will automatically be uploaded on your OneDrive.

Once the video file is uploaded, click on the share icon near the file name.

Click on “Chiunque abbia il collegamento può modificare” (or directly enter an email address or an USI/SUPSI account), then select the privacy settings you desire. Finally, click on “Applica”.


Copy the link (Click on “Copia collegamento”) and share it with your teachers, e.g. through the forum in iCorsi or via e-mail.


(last update: 16.06.2020)