Quiz: Embedded answers (Cloze)

Embedded answers (Cloze)

In the “Cloze” questions, the student must complete a text by typing the missing word/s in the empty boxes.

Choose the category for the question, insert the name of the question and the text that must be completed, for example: “Berlin is the capital of Germany.”. If you want to hide the word “Berlin”, edit your text as follows:

{1:SHORTANSWER:=Berlin} is the capital of Germany.

This formula must be repeated for every word/sentence you want to hide. The question will appear on the candidate’s screen as shown below:


If you want to enable other options for this kind of question (e.g., you want to propose different alternatives to the student to fill the gap), please check the following tutorial: https://docs.moodle.org/38/en/Embedded_Answers_(Cloze)_question_type or contact eLab.

Once the question is finalized, click on “Save changes”.


(last update: 03.07.2023)